Connect to your feminine power and be an agent for healing in this world!

Learn how with the guided mediation in this free class!


Alchemize your hurts and frustrations that came from being a woman in this world into Divine Love

*A response to the patriarchy, the psychosis of Trump + Kavanaugh, the bravery of Dr. Christine Blasely Ford + Anita Hill, and the fact that women are politicized at all. This is for every brave woman warrior who desires to contribute to paving a stronger path for future generations*

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For this class, I simply threw on my camera to chit chat about some inspiring stories I recently learned of badass warrior queens and women of the Ancient Celtic lands. But in these stories, there's more than just inspiration to take away from. As quoted from the movie, Brave, "Legends are lessons." and the quick stories I recount in this lil class are no different: these women warriors of old teach us to be just as active and empowered in our daily life to combat those that take away our power.

However, rather than turning to swords and violence, we can turn our low vibrational energies from negative emotions into unconditional love within ourselves, and combat the invisible entities that seek to overwhelm and overpower us. It is by healing the hurts we carry and shining out White Light into this world that we truly become spiritual and energetic warrior women.

The story time in this class is about 20 mins, and then is followed by an approx. 30 min White Light Healing meditation to guide you into that divine alchemy of the heart.

I pray for all in this world, and if you are filled to the brim of your soul with hurts and aching from being a woman in this world, please feel free to reach out for a complimentary boost of energy healing.


I pray the meditation + inspiration aide you in becoming a
powerful healer of self and others!